Tuesday, September 09, 2008

It could be about tuna on a bagel

I'm sitting here hoping TUNA ON A BAGEL and some JESUS AND MARY CHAIN can accomplish what the ALARM CLOCK and several cups of COFFEE were unable to accomplish -- namely, effectively wake me up this morning.
My head is as FUZZY as the mix of JAMC's "SOME CANDY TALKING," and I am not sure why.
The Reid Brothers famously declared the May 1986 single was not about heroin, but a quick scan of the lyrics makes me think otherwise:
"I'm going down to the place tonight, to see if I can get a taste tonight. A taste of something warm and sweet. That shivers your bones and rises to your heat."
Oh? Yeah. It probably isn't about heroin. It's probably about tuna on a bagel.


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