Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Thank you very much... It means thank you very much!

I listened to the METS defeat the NATIONALS, 10-8, last night on SPORTS RADIO 66 WFAN (via
New York star CARLOS DELGADO smacked his second home run of the game, and the Shea Stadium crowd went bonkers.
Radio announcer HOWIE ROSE got a little goofy, too.
The scoreboard operator flashed "DOMO ARIGATO, MR. DELGADO" to the crowd, and Rose told listeners:
"I don't know much Spanish, but that must mean, 'You are wonderful, Mr. Delgado.'"
I sat up, staring at the computer speakers with my jaw dropping.
"It's not Spanish!" I shouted at the computer. "No. 1, it's Japanese. No. 2, it's a reference to a STYX song! You know: 'Domo arigato' Mr. Roboto.' It means 'thank you very much!'"
Only later did I realize that Rose couldn't hear me shouting at the computer. I wondered, though, how many New Yorkers probably shared my reaction.
Or am I just overly sensitive to misidentifying the Japanese language and ignorance of 1980s cultural touchstones in others?


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