Friday, September 19, 2008

I know what I like in your wardrobe

Henry David Thoreau wrote in "Walden:"
"Distrust any enterprise that requires new clothes."
What does this mean? It means Thoreau was NOT a ROCK STAR, that's what it means.
ROUTE 1 readers have countered Thoreau by answering the following FRIDAY QUESTION:
"Is there any famous musician's clothing you would like to add to your wardrobe?"
KERSTIN H. -- Ringo Starr's sunglasses in "Help!"
BRIAN C. -- A Beatles Sgt. Pepper's coat. Would look good at staff meetings, I think.
RICK T. -- One of Porter Wagoner's rhinestone stage suits.
BEKAH P. -- I would totally take Madonna's wardrobe, on the stipulation that I could look like Madonna.
ELLEN B. -- Michael Jackson's red leather jacket.
BRIAN M. -- Fast Eddie Clarke's leather jacket.
MIKE D. -- Gene Simmon's boots from the KISS "Destroyer" tour. They'll come in handy if we get the snowy winter they're predicting.
ERIK H. -- Pete Townshend's Union Jack jacket from the band's pop-art influenced period. Keith Moon's target T-shirt of the same period was great as well.


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