Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A one-of-a-kind music teacher

HURRICANE IKE'S landfall near HOUSTON made me think of CONRAD O. JOHNSON, and what might have been history's GREATEST SCHOOL BAND.
Johnson was the music teacher at KASHMERE HIGH SCHOOL, located in a predominantly black Houston neighborhood called Kashmere Gardens.
Inspired by classic soul acts, Johnson molded the school's band after the well-drilled funk acts emerging on the R&B scene.
The KASHMERE STAGE BAND won national high school band competitions and recorded at least eight albums.
I listened to the Kashmere song "SCORPIO" -- a cover of the Dennis Coffey tune -- on the COLD HEAT compilation during my morning walk today.
Johnson passed away in February, but his legacy remains intact among music fans, thanks to his amazing school band.


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