Friday, June 27, 2008

Vacation all we ever wanted

Despite the fact that some of us *HAVE* been on a vacation within the past month, ROUTE 1 readers still wouldn't mind a bit of a getaway, judging from the answers to this week's FRIDAY QUESTION:
"If you could go anywhere for a vacation this summer, where would you go?"
MIKE M. -- Despite the recent AP story in the TH which confirmed that "vacations in a bottle" lack authenticity and substance (6/11/08, D6), I'd like to be transported into a Corona commercial.
DIANE H. -- Greece! I've sort of become obsessed with the idea of going to Greece. Won't be happening any time soon, though, given the state of the dollar.
RICK T. -- Truckee, Napa, San Francisco -- all in California.
JIM S. -- I'd go to Great Falls, Mont., to see my 21-year-old son, Jay. He is on a summer internship with a minor league baseball team. I drove out with him in May to help him move in, but I just don't think I'll have the time or finances to squeeze in a visit. He returns in mid-August. He's gaining invaluable experience in his quest to become the general manager of the Chicago Cubs (not sure if I should pray for him to reach that goal or not!).
MIKE D. -- My dad was stationed in the Army in Oregon during WWII. He used to tell us kids how beautiful the Pacific Northwest countryside was, especially the Rogue River. He always said he would take us there "when his ship came in." Dad never got to take us on that trip, but I'd like to make the trek in his honor.
ERIK H. -- I would love to visit Ramvik, Sweden -- the ancestral home of the Hogstrom family -- in summer. In the winter, the sun rarely shines in Ramvik and there is snow all over the place. I get enough of that right here, so I think I would wait until summer to visit Ramvik.


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