Thursday, June 19, 2008

What should be done with Barry Zito?

It's not always easy supporting the SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS -- the cruel conclusion to the 2002 World Series comes to mind -- but they're the team I grew up loving, and they represent my beloved Bay Area roots, so my undying loyalty is cemented.
That undying loyalty is something I can understand.
The complete and utter failure of BARRY ZITO? That is something I cannot understand.
Zito lasted a mere two innings yesterday as the Giants were beaten by the visiting Tigers, 7-2.
The losses continue to stack up for Zito, who fell to an unimaginable 2-11 this season.
How could it be any worse?
Here's how:
The Giants are struggling at home, with a 14-24 record, and one-third of those losses have come with the high-priced Zito on the mound.
"It feels terrible to let the team down," Zito told the SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE.
At home, Zito has "let the team down" to the tune of a 0-7 record with a 7.34 ERA.
Any other pitcher would be sent packing with those kind of numbers. Zito stays, however, mostly because the Giants signed the former American League Cy Young Award winner to a seven-year deal worth $126 million.
Obviously, Zito's performances do not warrant even a hint of that kind of contract.
So, what do the Giants do with him? Make him the highest-paid long reliever in baseball history? Give the Triple-A FRESNO GRIZZLIES a new starting pitcher?
I am not exactly sure what the Giants should do with Zito. I just know one thing: He can't keep starting and losing.


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