Saturday, June 14, 2008

Enough is enough

It breaks my heart, seeing the city where I went to college inundated by record-high floodwaters.
CEDAR RAPIDS is only one of many area cities at the mercy of catastrophic flooding.
Water's indiscriminate wrath has targeted big, medium and small towns alike -- destroying everything from the biggest businesses to the smallest community centers, the newest home in a subdivision to the oldest book in the public library.
I have been so busy chronicling the disaster the past few days at the newspaper, I hadn't any time to take stock of the breadth of tragedy.
Then, physical illness struck. I must have suffered a bout of food poisoning. I woke up vomiting and feverish. I worked two hours and slept about 18.
For the few remaining hours, the video images of the merciless flood began to fully register.
The cities, towns, villages and people around here have never seen flooding to this extent in our lifetimes.


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