Saturday, June 07, 2008

"you know what, Kool Keith, yo, tell 'em what's on your mind"

I don't want to unfairly characterize people, but I am rather certain I was the only person listening to the ULTRAMAGNETIC MCs while driving to today's SUMMER FARM TOY SHOW in DYERSVILLE, Iowa.
I just don't think the toy tractor-collecting crowd have much time for KOOL KEITH and the gang.
I usually don't have much time for the toy tractor-collecting crowd, but my weekend assignment at the newspaper required me to make the time.
So, I popped a mix CD into the car stereo and away I went. I had to crank up the sound because the car windows were wide open -- the heat index at 3 p.m. was an unusually toasty (for early June) 94 degrees. Whoop!
The bass was really bumping by Track 10 of the mix CD (courtesy of San Francisco's DJ TREV).
It was the song "GIVE THE DRUMMER SOME" by ULTRAMAGNETIC MCs -- one of the most-sampled songs of the hip-hop age.
You might have heard its line, "Smack My B*tch Up," when it was reconfigured by British electronica act Prodigy.
Other bits of the song are also familiar, found scattered as samples dotting numerous, subsequent hip hop and dance tracks.
I just love the song, a classic old-school sound.
Ah! Old school, just like the Farm Toy Show. I knew there had to be a connection.


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