Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Sorry Hinder

I take a deep breath and tell myself: "It's going to work out OK."
I really did not know what to expect tonight. Soon-to-be teenager KERSTIN asked me to help her purchase some songs off iTunes.
Would the songs be cringe-inducing? Would I react like a 1950s parent facing rock-n-roll for the first time? I gulped and prepared myself for the worst.
While "tweener" child ANNIKA remains in MILEY CYRUS territory, my oldest child is beginning to expand her musical horizons.
Tonight, thanks to the iTunes card, I glimpsed Kerstin's emerging musical tastes.
Among her selections:
1) "BLEEDING LOVE" by LEONA LEWIS (pictured). The biggest surprise about this song is that its co-writers are Ryan Tedder (of OneRepublic) and Jesse McCartney. Jesse McCartney? I'll admit: "Beautiful Soul" was a guilty pleasure of mine (I am not too comfortable admitting). After that song? Last I knew, he was guesting on "Suite Life of Zack and Cody" episodes.
2) "APOLOGIZE" by TIMBALAND (FEATURING ONEREPUBLIC). This song was featured prominently at the girls' just-concluded dance recital.
3) "4 MINUTES" by MADONNA (FEATURING JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE). I like this song, but I wonder: Isn't Madonna old enough to be Timberlake's mom?
4) "LIPS OF AN ANGEL" by HINDER. Yeah, I know a subsequent single made it to No. 31 on the charts, but "Lips of An Angel" still seems like it has "One-Hit Wonder" written all over it.
5) "LOW" by FLO RIDA (FEATURING T-PAIN). It's a catchy hip-hop song, and I like it.T-Pain seems to be featured on just about every other hip-hop release these days, or at least all the ones from Florida.
So, on the evidence of what she purchased, Kerstin enjoys the "danceable" side of mainstream pop hits. I actually like a couple of the songs and can easily bear to hear four out of the five tunes. Sorry Hinder.


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