Saturday, May 31, 2008

You know you're in San Francisco when...

You know you're in SAN FRANCISCO when you see people flushing public toilets with their feet. Incredulously watching the hipsters in their pork pie hats guzzling Pabst Blue Ribbon while you're enjoying a Franziskaner is another dead giveaway.
I always know when I'm in The City because I am drawn to MYSTERIES and JAZZ.
I read "FAITH," a short story by DASHIELL HAMMETT, while listening to "SOMETHIN' ELSE" by CANNONBALL ADDERLEY,
en route home from my recent trip to San Francisco, .
"Faith" concerns a migratory cannery worker with a devilish secret. "Somethin' Else" concerns the beautiful trumpet playing of MILES DAVIS, appearing on a Blue Note recording as someone else's sideman for a rare time.
Fog-shrouded cityscapes, Hammett icons such as the Miles Archer plaque on Burritt Street (pictured) and tome-crowded used bookshops make me associate San Francisco with mysteries.
The effortless sophistication that seems to effuse through the city's atmosphere probably makes me associate San Francisco with jazz.


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