Monday, June 02, 2008

I am too sad to watch a movie

I expected to return to work after my vacation today, but I am scheduled to work this coming Saturday, so I am actually off again.
Presented an unexpected day off, I planned to watch some Japanese film on DVD.
Then I heard that BO DIDDLEY had died.
Now, I am sipping Scotch, skipping the movie, and listening to the Diddley songs in my collection.
People probably remember the glasses and the homemade, SQUARE GUITAR.
I remember the ELEMENTAL RIFFS that sprang forth from that square guitar.
Diddley died today, age 79. He helped pioneer ROCK N ROLL and had the audacity to title one of his classic songs "Bo Diddley." How rock n roll is that?
I was overjoyed several years ago to learn that MARK E. SMITH of THE FALL venerated Diddley. It convinced me that people who *KNOW* rock also know where to place the credit.
"Who do you love?"
Bo Diddley, Bo Diddley have you heard? It's you, man. R.IP.


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