Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Just another day at the office

While I spent yesterday collecting FLOOD REPORTS for the newspaper, ZLATAN IBRAHIMOVIC was scoring one of history's classic goals for SWEDEN in their 2-0 victory over GREECE at EURO 2008.
Yesterday was marked by memorable performances on the pitch, as DAVID VILLA scored a hat-trick to lead SPAIN over RUSSIA, 4-1.
Zlatan's goal is a thing of beauty, though.
When most players strike a moving ball hard with their foot, the ball takes flight and zips well over the goalmouth and into the stands. You see it in almost every professional match. Zlatan struck the ball hard and it never rose more than six feet off the ground. The ball headed straight for the corner of the goal and the 'keeper never stood a chance.
ESPN has been showing the goal as part of its highlight package today. You just have to see it. (This Web site has it. Click here.)


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