Sunday, June 08, 2008

The day for some inside entertainment

Pounding rains and oppressive humidity kept legions of tri-state area residents inside today. I think.
I don't actually know for certain, because pounding rains and oppressive humidity kept *ME* inside all day.
Oh well.
I have several diversions inside to keep me entertained:
1) Mark Ovenden's "TRANSIT MAPS OF THE WORLD" was one of a trio of books I purchased in SAN FRANCISCO. It's brilliant. The author compiles every subway map in the world, while detailing the histories of the subway systems and their maps. Focused on tunnel-based travel, it is the ultimate inside book.
2) Tottenham signing LUKA MODRIC scored on a fourth-minute penalty, then CROATIA held on against a surprisingly good AUSTRIA to win, 1-0, in a EURO 2008 match I watched. Croatia were really given a scare by the hosts.
3) Now, I am listening to DANNY BAKER on his brief return to the popular "6-0-6" sports call-in show on BBC RADIO FIVE LIVE. The humorist hosted the show in the early 1990s, creating the template for the irreverent radio institution, which takes a skewed view of football. Baker hosts the show throughout the month of June.


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