Monday, June 16, 2008

They're not from San Francisco. They're from Marin!

The cloudless blue skies (a real rarity these days) prompted me to dial up some HUEY LEWIS AND THE NEWS on the iPod for my morning walk.
I once spent my summers working as an intern, accompanying my mom to her firm in CORTE MADERA, CALIF.
The hipsters at the office could recall walking a few blocks to catch HUEY LEWIS and the band before they made the big time, playing at Uncle Charlie's in Corte Madera.
Lewis (born Hugh Anthony Cregg III) was raised in Marin County, attending schools in the Mill Valley area.
I began following the band when I was in high school -- I purchased "HOPE YOU LOVE ME LIKE YOU SAY YOU DO" upon its 1982 single release.
Listening to Huey Lewis this morning, I think this song remains my favorite. With the active horn section, Lewis' blue-eyed soul vocals and the backing band shouting "yeeeaaaaah!" at regular intervals, "Hope..." sounds like a loving pastiche of classic 1960s soul on AM radio.
The reliance on mid-1980s production values on some of the bigger hits later in the decade means songs such as "Jacob's Ladder" have not aged as well.
No matter. Listening to Huey Lewis and the News is the aural equivalent of a blue sky day -- something that has been in short supply in flood-drenched Iowa recently


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