Friday, June 20, 2008

Friday Question brings the wisdom

Emptying water from a basement? Buying a house? Chronicling a flood?
We have all experienced some novel things lately, which brings us to this week's FRIDAY QUESTION on ROUTE 1:
"What is the biggest lesson you have learned this month?"
RICK T. -- Don't make God mad, He'll make it rain on you.
MIKE D. -- A couple of weeks ago, I was complaining that I had to clean some mildew from the block walls in our basement in preparation for a remodeling project. Now, I am THANKFUL that that's the only problem I encountered, as our fellow Iowans face returning to flooded homes and possessions that might not be salvageable.
BRIAN C. -- When backing up your vehicle, it helps to remember when you have a bicycle and rack attached.
JIM S. -- Though mowing can be a pain in the back, I learned that living on a hill is nice when it rains a lot. Our 100-year-old basement stayed very dry.

INGER H. -- Everything takes longer than you possibly think it can.
MIKE M. -- I already knew to love my family and to enjoy life. But before this month, it had not occurred to me that I do not necessarily need to carry a wallet all of the time. It hurts my sciatic nerve, plus I don't usually have any cash, so what's the point?
SHANNON H. -- That the mole defense can work.
DAVE B. -- Don't take your finger out of the dike. Water tends to start pouring out.
ERIK H. -- Don't eat potato salad that has been left unrefrigerated because of a power outage.


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