Sunday, June 22, 2008

"So many days since you been gone away"

We played the blues today -- BIG BILL BROONZY to be exact -- while we cleaned the house.
We have introduced a puppy into the family, and one of us is frightened enough to hide herself away all day. Her hiding away made us all feel a bit of the blues.
RORY is the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel that is the household newcomer.
LORELIE is the normally gregarious Burmese cat who is not handling the newcomer's arrival very well.
Big Big sang:
"So many nights since you been gone away, I been worryin' and grievin' my life away."
While he sang, Lorelie hid in the basement and the girls were fretting for their feline friend.
I said that I wished I had Dr. Doolittle's powers of animal communication.
I would tell Lorelie:
"Look, Lor. There is no need to be afraid of this puppy. She is only two-thirds your size (if that). If this little pup ever gave you a hard time, you could totally kick her ass. Or sit on her."
I believe in a few days Lorelie will come to this conclusion. Size does matter in the household animal kingdom.
In the meantime, Lorelie eventually emerged out of the basement and is upstairs hanging out with MIKA, our other cat -- the cat that jumps on a chair and laughs when the puppy tries to chase her.


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