Thursday, June 26, 2008

Surprise, surprise, surprise

My muscles are a little sore right now -- I helped some friends move this morning before coming to work.
The move was rather uneventful. A computer desk scratched by leg and drew blood, but I always get injured whenever I help somebody move, so it came as no surprise.
The surprise came when I was driving around before and after the move, listening to "BLUES FROM LAUREL CANYON" by JOHN MAYALL.
I realized -- to my surprise -- that this album is easily one of my favorites in my collection.
I credit the memorable guitar playing of MICK TAYLOR.
Taylor shines throughout this wonderful 1968 album.
His work on "2401" and "The Bear" is among the best guitar playing I have heard.
Another surprise came later in the day.
I had to swing by the NATIONAL MISSISSIPPI RIVER MUSEUM & AQUARIUM to shoot some video to accompany a story about the facility's fifth anniversary.
I entered a summer exhibit on venomous animals and -- SURPRISE! -- it was feeding time.
I shot footage of the 11-foot-long KING COBRA DEVOURING A RAT.
Now *THAT* was a surprise!


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