Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Ohayo Gozaimasu besabaru!

OK. I admit I am crazy.
I woke up at 5 a.m. today so I could listen to OAKLAND take on BOSTON in TOKYO to begin the baseball season.
I am listening to KEN KORACH call the game on the Athletics Radio Network, via MLB.com.
I know the game is probably on TV, but there is something special about listening to baseball on the radio.

I'm not really an A's fan, and I don't much care for the Red Sox, but I do love baseball, which is why I got up more than an hour early to hear this game.
Listening to the A's broadcast also means I get to hear Bay Area commercials.
I still miss the Bay Area, despite all the years that have passed since I lived there full time.
JACK HANNAHAN just hit a two-run home run to give Oakland a 4-3 lead in the sixth inning of this game.
Local hero DAISUKE MATSUZAKA of the Red Sox struggled to open the game and Oakland scored a couple runs. "Dice-K" eventually settled down, however, and struck out six Athletics in five innings.
I was off on vacation yesterday, and "Spring Fever" prompted me to listen to a pair of exhibition games from Arizona.
My second year as a subscriber to MLB.com means I can listen to any team's radio broadcast this year.
I'm looking forward to the season, even if my SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS will likely struggle!


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