Monday, March 17, 2008

Funny, he doesn't look like a disco king

We're listening to the "SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER" soundtrack as we try to wake up this morning.
It was a hectic weekend: One of Jill's uncles passed away, and all of the girls' cousins were visiting from Cedar Rapids and Des Moines.
After all of that, we're hoping the disco music can get us moving on a sleep Monday.
The Bee Gees take center stage on the album, of course, but I have really enjoyed hearing how DAVID SHIRE transformed a film orchestra into a floor-filling disco band.
Shire composed the incidental music for "Saturday Night Fever." He is probably best known for composing the soundtrack for Francis Ford Coppola's "The Conversation" and for marrying Coppola's sister Talia. Shire won the 1979 Oscar for Best Song for "It Goes Like it Goes," from "Norma Rae." Shire has been married to Didi Conn (Frenchy in "Grease" since 1982.
"NIGHT ON DISCO MOUNTAIN" is one of three Shire instrumentals that appear on the soundtrack. It is based on Modest Mussorgsky's classical piece "Night on Bald Mountain," and Shire's song really swings along.
Is it enough to shake us awake on a dark Monday morning? We shall see.


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