Friday, March 14, 2008

Friday Question: Wearin' o' the green edition

Sure and begorrah, ST. PATRICK'S DAY is just around the corner. To test the theory that "everyone has got a little Irish in them," ROUTE 1 readers have responded to the following FRIDAY QUESTION:
"What Irish song would you like to hear on St. Patrick's Day?"
MIKE D. -- I don't know too many Irish tunes since I don't imbibe in the spirits, so I'll go with something by U2.
RICK T. -- "Tru Rah Lora Lora," the Irish lullaby.
MICHAEL PATRICK M. -- While enjoying corned beef and cabbage and Guinness, I'll hum along to "High Part of the Town" by Jez Lowe, a North Country lad with Irish roots: "Well, my father said someday we'd live in the high part of the town, But every time he gets a job they close the colliery down, But it's not when the pits are closing where my father's troubles start, It's when they close the pubs as well, it nearly breaks his heart."
BRIAN C. -- "Danny Boy." It's a beautiful song -- but if you actually follow the lyrics, it's quite sad, too.
KERI M. -- "Wasn't that a Part" by The Irish Rovers or anything by U2 or the Irish Plantation Orchestra.
ERIK H. -- Vocalist/bassist Paul Linehan, his guitarist brother Niall Linehan and drummer Ashley Keating came out of Cork in the early 1990s, calling themselves The Frank and Walters, after two local eccentrics they knew.
They briefly flirted with the UK charts, but never really made a dent in America -- except in certain limited cases, such as mine.
I could listen to their songs "After All" (the UK hit -- No. 11, you can probably see the video by clicking here) and "This is Not a Song" all day long. Take your U2. I'll take my Frank and Walters, sure and begorrah.


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