Friday, March 07, 2008

Trading places

Every now and then we wish we could swap places with someone else.
This week, ROUTE 1 readers imagine a life much different from their own by answering this week's FRIDAY QUESTION:
"If you could trade places with any musician for a day, with whom would it be?"
KERSTIN H. -- It would be fun to be Hannah Montana, if only for a day.
BRIAN C. -- Any one of the Beatles (well, except for Ringo).
KERI M. -- I'm not sure. Maybe Gwen Stefani, maybe Norah Jones. Maybe Cratch McGarnigle.

GARY D. -- Keith Richards. If you're going to make the trade, may as well go for the greatest.
ELLEN B. -- Beyonce.
RICK T. -- The front man for Ernest Tubb. To be able to open for him would have been the greatest. He was a true entertainer and he loved his fans. To be a member of the Texas Troubadours would be the highest honor any true country fan could wish for.
MIKE M. -- I'd trade yesterday with Arlo Guthrie, when he came to Dubuque. Arlo told stories and sang songs about everything from his dad teaching him "This Land is Your Land" in their backyard to playing concerts in the Gulf states to raise money for Hurricane Katrina victims. I wonder what was going through his mind when Dubuquers gave him two standing ovations. I wonder what Maggie and the kids would think of having Arlo Guthrie as husband and dad for a day!
ANNIKA H. -- Selena Gomez.
MIKE D. -- Chris Daughtry, because then I could jam onstage with his touring act, Bon Jovi. What the heck, maybe I'll just be Jon Bon Jovi!!!
ERIK H. -- King Sunny Ade. He's a king, for one thing. Secondly, the juju music he makes is so fun to hear, it's got to be fun to make as well. It's good to be the king.


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