Monday, March 03, 2008

I must have different ears

I'll never quite figure it out.
Some of the bands I absolutely adore send members of my family scurrying out of the room.
Do I hear something they don't when I listen to someone like SUNNY DAY REAL ESTATE?
What about THE FALL?
My family nods in agreement when I mention my adoration for Mark E. Smith and his various incarnations of "the northern white crap that talks back," but I know they have no clue what I talking about.
Do I have different ears?
I thought about that today as I drove around listening to "Live at the Witch Trials," The Fall's 1979 debut.
The song "Rebellious Jukebox" came on, and there I was, singing along in the car.
Why do I love this band, when some of the people I am around can't even stand to hear them?


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