Saturday, March 01, 2008

It all started with a dream

Early yesterday morning -- just before waking -- I dreamt my family and I were on a canoe trip through a canyon. We had pulled over to the bank for a picnic, and 12-year-old KERSTIN grabbed some black-and-white photos of THE BEATLES out of her backpack.
We were remarking about how effortlessly cool they all looked, when the alarm jolted me awake.
Later, when I approached Kerstin to tell her about my odd dream -- why were we on a canoe trip? -- I saw she had selected a Beatles T-shirt to wear to school that day.
OK, that was enough of a sign for me, even though Kerstin deflated by theory of fate by proclaiming: "It was the only thing I had that was clean."
I listened to the FAB FOUR throughout the day yesterday, and last night we all gathered around the television and enjoyed Richard Lester's "A HARD DAY'S NIGHT" on DVD.
Just now, I have completed a rather brisk, invigorating walk around the neighborhood while listening to "HELP!"
Would The Beatles have played such a role in the past two days if I had not dreamt about them?


Blogger Brian Cooper said...

In my opinion, the most underrated song from "A Hard Day's Night" is "I Should Have Known Better." One of the Beatles' best ballad comes from the movie: "And I Love Her."

2:57 PM  

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