Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Pavement were so cool

I have been listening to "WOWEE ZOWEE" by Stockton, Calif.'s famed PAVEMENT this morning.
They were a band who could do seemingly anything they wanted.
They could be noisy, they could be pop-infused, they could rock quite hard, they could grate, they could make you sing along and on "FATHER TO A SISTER OF THOUGHT" (sleeve of single pictured) -- drenched in pedal steel guitar -- they could almost out-twang the country folks.
Pavement were so cool.
I always laugh at the criticisms that Pavement tried to sound too much like The Fall.
Except for a few exceptions, Pavement sound nothing like The Fall.
I love both bands, and today I am devoting my music listening to the slacker Californians.
Like 9-year-old ANNIKA said the other day:
"Spring is almost in the air."


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