Saturday, March 15, 2008

Early morning laughter

The cats teamed up, and with a combination of turbo-powered purring, licking and biting, managed to wake me up at the bleary-eyed time of 5 a.m.
I couldn't get back to sleep, so I poured myself a cup of coffee and logged on to the BBC RADIO Web site and listened to RADIO FIVE LIVE's FIGHTING TALK.
Fighting Talk is a Saturday staple on British radio. Colin Murray hosts a nominal quiz show, as sports journalists, comedians and other pundits answer questions related to the week's sports news. Murray dishes out points to the funniest answers, denoting the point totals thanks to sound effects such as a cash register's ker-ching, an arrow hitting a bull's eye and the Hallelujah chorus.
The quiz show concludes with the final two contestants having to "Defend the Indefensible," in which they must discuss their agreement with whatever outrageous thing Murray says -- even if he forces the contestants to slur their favorite teams.
I suppose you must know a bit about the current state of affairs in British football, but I do find the show uproariously funny -- even after fur-covered alarm clocks jolted me out of sleep prematurely.
Check out the Fighting Talk page on the FIVE LIVE Web site, located here.


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