Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Music often comforts us in trying times, but...

Music often provides comfort during trying times. True, but does that really explain why I find myself singing along to "LONGFELLOW SERENADE" by NEIL DIAMOND today?
I'm not even that much of a Neil Diamond fan -- not because I don't appreciate his obvious songwriting gifts, but because of the ubiquitous presence of his songs on the radio when I was growing up.
"Such were the plans I'd made, for she was a lady and I was a dreamer, with only words to trade."
My wife JILL is spending the day at a wake for her uncle, who passed away Saturday.
I have spent most of the day with 9-year-old ANNIKA, who is battling a confirmed case of INFLUENZA.
The poor thing -- she has been wiped out by the disease.
"I'll weave his web of rhyme upon the summer night, we'll leave this worldly time on his winged flight."
Annika is the first person in our family to contract influenza, and I am currently praying she'll be the last. Jill received an influenza vaccination, I did not.
We're supposed to travel to the Des Moines area for Easter this weekend. Such were the plans we'd made?
"Then come, and as we lay beside this sleepy glade, there I will sing to you my Longfellow serenade."
Of course, if I do happen to get influenza, I will inevitably become feverish. If I am feverish, perhaps I'll finally have some sort of insight into whatever the heck it was that Neil Diamond was singing about.
"Ride, come on baby, ride, let me make your dreams come true."


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