Friday, September 07, 2007

Relax -- It's Finally Friday

It was a hectic week for some of us.
ROUTE 1 readers did find some ways to relax, judging from the answers to this week's FRIDAY QUESTION:
"What music has helped you chill out this week?"
Inger H. -- I took a walk this morning through the smoky, foggy air and The Postal Service's "The District Sleeps Alone Tonight" was the perfect accompaniment to the weird orange-grey light and the strange sight of the sun as a perfect bright orange disk creeping higher in the sky.
Mike D. -- At least twice this week, I relaxed to classical music on KUNI. No screaming guitars or screeching lyrics, just the soft, mellow sounds of a symphony.
Rick T. -- Listening to my Old Country Music on my XM Radio (No. 13, Willie's Place). It plays all the classics.
Erik H. -- It is difficult to explain to non-sports freaks the thrill, anxiety, stress and joy of a FANTASY FOOTBALL DRAFT. OK, it is really rather GEEKY. I guess that explains it.
I relaxed en route home from last night's edition of the annual draft while listening to Oliver Nelson's "The Blues and the Abstract Truth." The pianist is Bill Evans, Eric Dolphy mostly plays the flute (and a little alto sax) and the rest of the band is similarly top-notch.
It calmed my nerves after the evening's infusion of GEEKY EXCITEMENT.


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