Wednesday, September 05, 2007

So Sharp... and so hot!

Do the next couple of days represent summer's "last blast?" seems to think so -- their forecasters say Dubuque's high temperature could reach 88 degrees today, hang around the 80s for a few days, then drop into the mid-70s for the next two weeks at least.
To celebrate the coming of some "really nice days," and to pay my respects to the HEAT, I am listening to some SCORCHING FUNK from Phoenix, Ariz.'s own DYKE & THE BLAZERS this morning.
I went to high school in Phoenix, where what some people called a "dry heat" felt more like opening an oven door.
Dyke & The Blazers seem like the perfect sort of band to come from the Valley of the Sun. I can't listen without moving around and starting to sweat -- even in the dead of winter!
So, if you see me sweating and dancing around today, blame both Dyke & The Blazers AND the heat.


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