Sunday, June 11, 2006

Help! I'm stuck in the giant Coke bottle

Jill, the girls, my sister Inger and I attended today's Giants-Pirates game at AT&T Park.
I experienced three distinct SINKING FEELINGS at the ballgame:
1) When I followed 7-year-old Annika down The Guzzler, the longest of the metal slides down the ballpark's famous giant Coca-Cola bottle, I became stuck halfway down. Fearing I would spend the rest of my days ridiculed by children awaiting their turn at the top, I scrambled down the slide on my hands and feet. I emerged to the laughter of several adults, presumably because of the hysterically frightened look on my face.
2) When the girls discovered that AT&T Park has a "Build a Bear Workshop" on the premises. Nice to meet you, Cutie the Giants Monkey and GiGi the orange Giants bear. Oh yeah... did I mention they play an insufferable version of "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" when you squeeze their hands?
3) When Jose Bautista hit his first career grand slam, rallying the Pirates to a 7-5 victory over S.F. Until Tim Worrell threw the fateful pitch, I actually believed that the presence of four Hogstrom girls -- Jill, Inger, Kerstin and Annika -- would finally counteract my legendary bad Giants JUJU. I have seen the Giants in person dozens upon dozens of times. I can count the times I have seen them win on one hand.


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