Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Rockin out the down under way

I interviewed a rural health practitioner from Hamilton, Victoria, Australia this morning at a local community college.
En route back to the office, I cranked up the volume on "Born Out of Time," one of the greatest compilations of all time.
The 22-song CD chronicles the Australian indie scene of 1979-88 and is packed with gems by The Lime Spiders ("Slave Girl," an absolutely classic rock song), Scientists ("Swampland"), Lipstick Killers ("Hindu Gods of Love"), Le Femme ("Chelsea Kids") and a variety of offshoots of the tremendous Radio Birdman, including The Visitors, New Race and The New Christs.
Powerful stuff, this is, with added bonuses of rare songs by Died Pretty and Hoodoo Gurus -- a pair of bands who emerged from the Aussie indie scene to find greater glory.
I know I have written about this compilation before and I know I will write about it again. It's just soooooo good.
G'day Mate!


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