Sunday, May 28, 2006

It's a Wynn Stewart Sunday!

It's actually a SWEATBOX Sunday.
The National Weather Service forecast calls for a high temperature of 94 degrees today -- exactly 20 degrees above normal. After some rainy, dreary weather a couple weeks ago, it feels as if we have leaped right into mid-summer.
I just depleted myself of the last few drops of moisture in my body with 30 minutes on the treadmill. Now I am sipping water and steeling myself for the worst-possible work assignment on such a hot day. I cover a high school graduation in a stifling civic auditorium.
Oh well.
I listened to Wynn Stewart on the treadmill, so I am happy.
Diminutive Wynn (5-foot-5) paved the way for Southern California's rich country music tradition, only for Buck Owens to reap much of the reward.
For some reason, Wynn's career never really took off, despite a wonderful voice and brilliant songs such as "Wishful Thinking," "Big Big Love" and one of my absolute favorite tunes, Howard Harlan's "Above and Beyond."
"Wishful Thinking" hit the Top 5 in 1959 and "Big Big Love" cracked the Top 20.
Wynn Stewart deserved much, much more.
I'll do my part today: While I sweat my way through a searing Sunday, I'll play Wynn Stewart songs and sing along.


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