Monday, June 05, 2006

Why would I put on a hat on when my best friend just got blown up right in front of me?

It's the last day of school for the girls.
As they scurry along, selecting just the right ensemble for the big occasion, I have been watching and rewatching Wes Anderson's American Express ad on YouTube.
YouTube features the two-minute, extended version of the spot, which mocks independent film-making and never fails to make me laugh.
You can see it here.
"Not enough smoke and the snow was too loud," Anderson says as he yells "cut."
"Can you do a .357 with a bayonet?" he asks the prop man.
"Those my birds? We need those," he tells director of photography Robert Yeoman as a flock of pigeons buzz him before a crane shot.
The in-jokes include someone introducing Anderson to the daughter of a man who lent the film production a car. The same thing happened during the making of "Rushmore," and the daughter played a cameo as the usher for Max's final play.
Well, the girls are still seeking items necessary for the last day of school. I better see what I can do to facilitate the process.


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