Saturday, August 03, 2013

Characters and setting defy appearances in Fuller's film

Constance Towers stars as Kelly, a prostitute trying to go straight in a small town, in SAMUEL FULLER'S 1964 film, "THE NAKED KISS."
I watched this entertaining and disturbing film last night for the second time. With the repeated viewing, I better appreciated Fuller's skill in juxtaposing tenderness and violence while depicting characters and setting that defy appearances.
We see a prostitute who deeply cares for children with disabilities, a giving philanthropist who molests children and a brothel owner who is treated as an upstanding member of the public.
There is much to consider with Fuller's film.
Author Michael Dare wrote about Fuller's approach to the movie:
"Fuller manages to disobey several of the laws of civilized filmmaking, including jump cuts (editing from one shot to another take of the same shot), long inner monologues, and one of the most inappropriate and maudlin musical numbers ever filmed."
This approach elevates "The Naked Kiss" far above B-movie contemporaries, and helps perpetuate the cult of Fuller's followers.


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