Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Braun is guilty, but baseball had its own role in rise of 'roids

RYAN BRAUN'S suspension gives MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL another black eye, but also reminds me of the culpability of the sport itself in the wake of the "STEROID ERA."
The home run chase by Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire, fueled we now know by performance-enhancing drugs, also launched baseball on a much-needed comeback.
Attendance swelled and television contracts soared as the new crop of sluggers swung for (and easily reached) the fences.
Baseball benefited immensely from the artificial power. Heck, I personally benefited  How many times did I cheer the big hits of BARRY BONDS without questioning where the power originated?
America doesn't like cheaters, though, which we can see with the reaction against Braun and the current group of players linked to performance-enhancing drugs.
Baseball officials need to do more than just suspend the latest culprits. They need to come clean about their own role in the rise (and apparently continuing plague) of 'roids.


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