Friday, July 19, 2013

The Ashes as a mother and child reunion

It's hot and rainy here, but in listening to the ASHES TEST I am transported to a sunny day of an English summer.
ENGLAND host AUSTRALIA again today at LORD'S CRICKET GROUND. I visited the home of cricket in 2009, part of a love affair with the sport whose roots lie in a European trip during my middle-school years.
WISDEN'S Definitive Guide to the Ashes (2006) helped sum up the importance of England and Australia meeting on a cricket field:
"When it comes to England, Australia, and their desire to thrash each other at cricket, the reason stems almost exclusively from the idea -- expressed in deliberately crude terms -- that one team represents the mother country, and the other its distant, illegitimate sprog. It stems, in other words, from misplaced English feelings of superiority and Australian grievances that inevitably follow."
The mother country is definitely superior at this stage of the match, having batted for 361 and currently holding the Aussies to 86-5.


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