Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Le film qui a commencé mon amour du cinéma

Our ever-growing collection of foreign and classic films stems from "LES QUATRE CENTS COUPS (THE 400 BLOWS)."
I saw the FRANÇOIS TRUFFAUT film during a college film series. One of my work-study tasks was promoting the films with posters. Once I made the poster for "Les Quatre Cents Coups," I knew I had to see the film.
JEAN-PAUL LÉAUD plays a boy who attempts to run away from his increasingly unbearable school and home life.
A period of incarceration in a youth facility follows.
It was the film that started my love of cinema. I made sure it was one of the first films I purchased on DVD as an adult.
I watched it again last night. It retains the magic of its first viewing -- a sign of all great films.


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