Saturday, June 15, 2013

J'ai bien aimé l'un de mes films préférés.

We're all FRANCOPHILES these days because our oldest daughter KERSTIN is on an extended French Club trip to "L'HEXAGONE."
Last night, I got a healthy dose of French film.
"TIREZ SUR LE PIANISTE (SHOOT THE PIANO PLAYER)" is among my favorite films.
FRANÇOIS TRUFFAUT manages to combine romantic comedy with almost unspeakable heartache in this tale of a man who focuses on his piano playing when the rest of his life shatters.
CHARLES AZNAVOUR plays "Charlie," who hammers away on a barroom piano when he should (and once did) play the biggest concert halls.
The movie's layers are deceptively thick. What appears to be a love story, for example, is also a crime thriller featuring gangsters of almost universal ineptitude.
MARIE DUBOIS plays the spunky waitress who loves Charlie and knows his secret. Truffaut's exploration of the early stages of the pair's relationship -- Should I hold his hand? Am I being too forward? -- is one of the truest depictions in film.
"Tirez Sur Le Pianiste" is a great example of having fun at the movies even when the story breaks your heart.


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