Monday, June 03, 2013

I'll never spill anything on my England shirt

When my daughter ANNIKA wasn't on stage during yesterday's DANCE RECITAL, I was surreptitiously checking my phone for updates on ENGLAND'S friendly with BRAZIL.
After a poor first half, England revived with goals from Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Wayne Rooney in the second, actually leading for a spell until a Brazilian equaliser leveled the contest for the hosts and the match finished, 2-2.
I wore my allegiance for all to see -- yesterday marked the first time I wore the 1966 REPLICA ENGLAND SHIRT my mom got me for my birthday last month.
A 1966 England shirt had long been the No. 1 item on my LIST OF DREAM ARTICLES OF CLOTHING, and I am treating this shirt with appropriate reverence.
When the recital was over and we headed to a restaurant for an early dinner, I quickly changed out of the pristine white shirt and into a red Rooney T-shirt before eating. The threat of spilling anything on the England shirt was too big of a risk to ever take.


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