Thursday, May 30, 2013

Burke's death brings great song back to center stage

Sadly, it took this week's death of CLARENCE BURKE JR. to bring a fantastic song back to the forefront of American musical consciousness.
"O-O-H CHILD" was the 1970 smash hit by THE FIVE STAIRSTEPS, a CHICAGO group comprising lead singer Burke and his siblings.
I heard "O-o-h Child" several times since learning of Burke's death. It is an uplifting song that transcends the genres of pop and soul.
More than 20 other artists have covered the song, too, so the tune's reputation is cemented among singers.
It's a little hard to believe it only peaked at No. 8 on the pop charts, considering how the song's stature has endured relative to many of its contemporaries.
That must be one of Burke's legacies -- he created music that truly does stand the test of time.


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