Monday, May 27, 2013

Celebrating a classic travelogue

It's the land that gave the world Alexander the Great and its empire once stretched as far east as present-day India.
MACEDONIA boasts a prominent place in history, yet its current place remains burdened by controversy. Bulgaria claims all of its population as its own people, Greece refuses to acknowledge any Macedonia but its own, while a former Yugoslavian republic claims its name.
I just completed reading a wonderful book about this land that is so difficult to pin down -- the multilingual land of Macedonia -- and the tome was about the best $5 I ever spent.
WILL MYER taught Islam in his native United Kingdom when he traveled to "PIRIN MACEDONIA," that portion of the ancient kingdom now located in BULGARIA and "VARDAR MACEDONIA," that portion once a component of YUGOSLAVIA.
He recorded his travels in a manuscript posthumously published following his sudden, untimely death as "PEOPLE OF THE STORM GOD."
I purchased the book for five bucks at a small, used bookstore in MOUNT HOREB, WISCONSIN, and finished reading it today.
I highly recommend it.
Myer went searching for a "true Macedonia," and found a land boasting strong Christian and Muslim communities, little in the way of economic progress, but a friendly people working hard to maintain as much of a unified identity as possible in the face of internal and external challenges.
Myer's book accomplishes the primary aim of any travelogue.
His writing makes the reader *want* to visit his subject matter. "Armchair travelers" like myself could ask for nothing more.


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