Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Alien-possessed vampires meet plane crash survivors

Here are 10 things HAJIME SATO packed into his delirious, 1968 JAPANESE sci-fi horror film "KYUKETSUKI GOKEMIDORO (GOKE, BODY SNATCHER FROM HELL)."
1. A jetliner flying through a blood-red sky.
2. Birds committing suicide by flying into the windows of the jetliner.
3. A UFO that causes the jetliner to crash.
4. Nobuo Kaneko, the veteran Japanese character actor who appeared in "Aru Kyohaku (Intimidation)," "Yaju No Seishun (Youth of the Beast)," "Jingi Naki Tatakai (Battles Without Honour and Humanity)" and many other films.
5. A hijacker who is kidnapped, then possessed by aliens who turn him into a vampire.
6. "I think we're in for something that will blow our minds."
7. A battle for water among the survivors of the plane crash.
8. Hypnotism involving the flame of a candle.
9. A woman whose body becomes possessed by the aliens so they can announce that their invasion of Earth has begun.
10. A tollway full of dead drivers.