Sunday, June 02, 2013

When picking an NHL team to support, Fransaskois count double

I cheered for the CHICAGO BLACKHAWKS against the LOS ANGELES KINGS last night for a simple reason.
To be exact, that reason was No. 5 of a series of rules called "HOGSTROM'S HIERARCHY OF HOCKEY," otherwise known as "How I choose the team to support in an NHL game."
Here is how it works:
When teams line up for the dropping of the puck, I rank them according to the following seven criteria:
1. Les Canadiens de Montréal
Mon père aimait cette équipe.
2. Vancouver Canucks
Trevor Linden and Pavel Bure made me a lifelong fan.
3. New York Islanders
They were the most exciting team to watch when I was an impressionable young hockey fan.
4. Any other Canadian team except the Ottawa Senators.
It's Canada's game, eh?
5. Any other Original Six.
I sometimes wish the NHL was only the Original Six, and the other teams were like the Triple A clubs.
6. The American team with the higher number of players from Saskatchewan.
(6b. In case of an equal number of Saskatchewan natives, Fransaskois count double.)
Except for the Pittsburgh Penguins. I hate them for continually poaching Canadians (Lemieux, Crosby, now Iginla).
7. Ottawa.
I know, it's Canada's capital and we should all be happy. I cannot cheer for these upstarts, though, until hockey returns to Ville de Québec. Vive les Nordiques de Québec!


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