Sunday, June 09, 2013

"Bande à Part" remains a real joy

We're all FRANCOPHILES this week as daughter KERSTIN prepares for a school trip to FRANCE.
Last night, I marked the occasion by watching a French movie masterpiece.
"BANDE À PART (BAND OF OUTSIDERS)" is JEAN-LUC GODARD'S 1964 NOUVELLE VAGUE classic, a film so stylish and so obviously fun to make that subsequent filmmakers have reused its elements freely.
Godard jumbles genres in the film, combining a heist movie with musical comedy and love-triangle drama.
I've seen this great film enough times to anticipate favorite moments -- the "minute of silence," when the soundtrack shuts off, the "Madison" dance routine and the race through the Louvre (breaking the "record" of Jimmy Johnson of San Francisco, the narrator explains).
There is much to love about "Bande à Part," and I never tire of seeing it.