Monday, June 17, 2013

J'ai aimé cette chanson depuis des années

It was the summer hit of 1980 -- at least, it was in the coastal areas of the NETHERLANDS where I was staying.
"MARIANA" by the GIBSON BROTHERS seemed to pour from every radio, and it introduced me to the joys of FRENCH DISCO.
We're all FRANCOPHILES this week because we're envious of our daughter KERSTIN, who is in "L'HEXAGONE" for a French Club trip.
"Mariana" is an exceedingly catchy hit that reached No. 11 on the U.K. pop charts.
The song must have charted on the Dutch lists, too, since it was so ubiquitous.
I've loved the song for decades but didn't know until recently that it was written by French pop savant DANIEL VANGARDE, who wrote a clutch of catchy French disco songs and whose musical lineage continues in the form of his son, DAFT PUNK'S THOMAS BANGALTER.
I've listened to "Mariana" several times since Kerstin traveled to France.
We're listening to loads of French music these days. In the case of "Mariana," some of it relates to my own first trip to Europe. 


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