Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Featuring 100 percent Canajan content

I've been looking all over for this book.
I finally found "CANAJAN, EH?" by MARK M. ORKIN standing upright in a book shelf.
PEEK YOU: A plitti cull pardy in Kwee Beck.
Purchased during an early '80s trip to CANADA, the book helped me live my life as a "Closet Canadian" for years.
In it, Orkin pokes fun at Canadian culture and dialect by creating a glossary of the way the nation's Anglo residents actually speak, not the official English spoken in "Parl Meant" or on the "See Beesee."
JAMEENYA: Interrogative, usually expressive of surprise or mild disbelief. As in: "Jameenya reely sawm wither?"
Orkin also touches on Canadian history, with entries devoted to "nash null he rows" like "Lora C. Cord (Laura Secord)" and "fail yours" such as "Looie-Joe Pappy No (Louis-Joseph Papineau)" and "William Lyin Mackenzie (William Lyon Mackenzie)."
Think of SCTV's famous duo BOB AND DOUG McKENZIE and you get a sense of the Canadian stereotypes Orkin was targeting in his humorous piece of "litter choor."
STINK UP: To play hockey inadequately in a given location. As in: The Leafs stunk up the Gardens lass nite.


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