Monday, February 18, 2013

Loving the Golinski Brothers. That's me and John Peel

THE GOLINSKI BROTHERS summed it up for many people who get fed up with the long, dreary days of winter:
"I'm gonna go where they've never seen snow. Send my giro to Cairo."
I'm fed up with winter myself, but I really like the Golinski Brothers. 
The BRIGHTON punks and their most "famous" song, "BLOODY" is on a 120-song PUNK playlist I've been enjoying today.
"I can't stand another day. I gotta get away. I'm not impressed, my life's in a mess. I get so depressed. Still, you gotta have a laugh -- ha ha ha ha. What am I bloody well s'posed to do? Got my bloody well self bloody stuck on you."
 The song is as catchy as any other from 1979-80, and no less an authority than the late, legendary DJ JOHN PEEL thought so, too:
"Well, this is the best record in the world for this week, from the Golinski Brothers on the LP Vaultage '79 on Attrix Records, this is called "Bloody". People have been given the OBE for less, a lot less, and I shall be very happy to have it on a loop so I could listen to it again and again and again."
I sadly don't know much more about the Golinski Brothers.
Apparently there were not one but two saxophone players in the band and guitarist Bob Golinski became a barrister.
Really, all I need to know is their great song, "Bloody."


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Great stuff Erik.
Their best song

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