Sunday, February 17, 2013

Not bad for a bunch of Irish punks

I spent the weekend tinkering with various PUNK playlists on iTunes -- the great, vintage stuff circa 1976-82.
Among the playlists is one devoted to THE RADIATORS FROM SPACE, the pioneering punk band from IRELAND.
Although the band definitely left its mark with songs such as "Television Screen," "Enemies," "Let's Talk About the Weather" and "Song of the Faithful Departed," the core members of the Radiators are arguably more famous for what happened after they left the band.
PETE HOLIDAI -- The guitarist became a producer of Irish artists such as Mundy and Brilliant Trees. Hot Press magazine named Holidai the Producer of the Year for 1991.
PHILIP CHEVRON -- The guitarist joined the Pogues, where the band benefited from his guitar playing and his songwriting ("Thousands Are Sailing," among others).
STEVE AVERILL -- The original vocalist became a designer who gained fame by suggesting the name "U2" to a band some of his friends had formed and then designing their iconic album covers, such as "War" and "The Joshua Tree."
Not bad for a bunch of Irish punks, eh?


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