Thursday, February 21, 2013

Wodehouse lifts my spirits

My spirits needed lifting last night, so I turned to P.G. WODEHOUSE.
The English humorist (1881-1975) provided just the antidote.
I read his 1936 short story, "THE CRIME WAVE AT BLANDINGS."
Plotted like a screwball comedy, the story concerns "sister-pecked" landowner, Lord Emsworth, who is seemingly unable to stand up to the demands of his sister, Lady Constance, who seeks to impose her will on various other family members.
An alluring air gun plunges Lord Emsworth both into and out of trouble, thanks to a remarkable series of plot twists.
Apparently, the story has been adapted for television by the BBC this year. I would love to see it. Apparently, both Jennifer Saunders and David Walliams appear, as does Timothy Spall ("Harry Potter," "The Damned United").
If you're ever feeling down, may I recommend some Wodehouse? It's a perfect antidote to the blues.


Blogger Webbie - FootieAndMusic said...

Saw the TV adaptation. It had it's moment but on the whole it was crap. Stick with the books.

5:39 AM  

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