Sunday, February 24, 2013

Kars4Kids jingle ends musical duel like "nuclear option"

The girls embarked on a dangerous game yesterday afternoon.
First, KERSTIN would play a song she knew ANNIKA hated, then Annika would follow with a tune she knew drove her sister mad.
They played a succession of country songs, electronic dance pop songs and the occasional One Direction song.
I listened like one would keep eyeing a car crash scene.
What would happen next? Would anyone get hurt? How badly?
The MUSICAL DUEL ended with Annika's head in her hands, after Kerstin played what could only be considered "THE NUCLEAR OPTION."
Kerstin played the "KARS4KIDS" jingle.
If you've listened to a news radio station from one of America's big cities you've heard the commercial that features the jingle.
"One-eight-seven-seven Kars 4 Kids, K-A-R-S Kars 4 Kids, donate your car today."
I only have a vague idea of what the Kars4Kids organization does, but I unfortunately know all about the jingle.
It's an infuriatingly catchy, sing-songy jingle sung in children's voices that bores itself into your head and refuses to leave.
"Nooooo! This song haunts my dreams," Annika cried as the first notes of the jingle began to play.
We've heard the jingle many times while listening to news radio in the mornings before school and work.
While the jingle played yesterday, Annika buried her head in her hands and Kerstin had won the musical duel.
Annika told us repeatedly the remainder of the night that she hated us, and she threatened to wake me up by playing the jingle at 1 a.m.
So, you can see, the "Kars4Kids" jingle is a dangerous thing.
Only play it if you really need to end a musical duel.
Even then, you'll be sorry.


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