Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Who is this Dylan dude? He must love Wilco

I listened to BOB DYLAN'S EPONYMOUS DEBUT ALBUM yesterday.
While enjoying the songs on that first disc, I also imagined what the reaction might be if BOB DYLAN was a new artist, and he had released the album this year.
Would the reviewers call the sound "" "indie?" or "punk-folk?"
Would critics complain that Dylan had obviously listened to a little too much Billy Bragg?
Would we hear someone say:
"This dude is obviously enthralled by Whiskeytown-era Ryan Adams?"
You can play this game because the album, filled with folk standards and two original songs ("Talkin' New York Blues" and the brilliant "Song to Woody") boasts a timeless quality. It could have come out in 1962 or 2013.
You can also play the speculative game because so many musicians have been influenced by this album and Dylan's other work that the sound has become more than just influential, it has become part of contemporary music's DNA.


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